Our vision is to create the most appealing scents from within our community.

The mission of pernoire is to embrace the truth of an individual through high-quality fragrances, which evolve into a unique aura; becoming one with the body. The scents of pernoire bring the purest form of one’s personality to the external world for one reason: True expression. True expression is the first step of unleashing passion, in order to become true to oneself. Our olfactory collection will unite with an individual’s own essence, subsequently intensifying their personality and emotions; the subtle notes of these aromas shape and mould how the individual engages with their surroundings, which in turn determines the embodiment of their expression.

Who we are

pernoire was founded in 2020 by Nico Mannino and Robin Dünner. Growing up in the same neighbourhood, both sharing the same passion: To explore olfaction by experiencing scents through perfumes. It is these emotions - created in the moment – that impacted their lives and drove them to build this community.