CHF. 250

Tierra "Moira Musio Limited Edition" are 42 unique hand painted flacons by the Swiss artist Moira Musio. Moira is known for extroverted pop art, using neon colors to spray paint. Inspired by the heat and passion from South America, Moira created 42 fiery flacons.

The Latin American way of life is full of diversity, culture, and joy, known for the hospitality and happiness of its people. Tierra was born, the olfactive translation of the Latin American culture.

Tierra is the elixir of happiness - to bring joy and warmth during a cold and moody period.

Tierra is a unisex eau de parfum with natural essences 

Notes: Aged Rum, Vanilla, Colombian Spices, Benzoin, Red Berries, Oud

Made in Basel, Switzerland