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In a unique collaboration, pernoire merges with Casa Nobile, the Swiss gourmet chocolatier, to create an unparalleled symphony of scents and flavors. This partnership transforms our unique fragrance compositions into chocolate delicacies, offering a new perception of our scents. A fusion of Swiss craftsmanship in chocolate and fragrance invites you on a journey of sensory discovery.

Each piece of chocolate is an expression of pure devotion, crafted from the finest ingredients to convey a sense of luxury and create unforgettable taste moments. Our range encompasses all your preferences - from intense dark to delicate milk and fine white chocolate.

Our chocolates are perfect as gifts, for celebrating special moments, or for indulging in a little luxury for yourself. Discover the difference in taste and experience brought about by the fusion of two masterful crafts.

- Masar: milk couverture with fine cocoa from the Dominican Republic 42% cocoa, Madagascar vanilla, yuzu, Fior di Sale Trapani, rose petals, tobacco, ho wood oil, rosewood oil.
- Vitias: dark couverture with fine cocoa from Sambirano Madagascar 68% cocoa, bergamot oil, Fior di Sale Trapani, lime oil, pink pepper, black pepper, pine oil.
- Tierra: dark couverture with fine cocoa from Grenada 65% cocoa, strawberries, raspberries, ginger, Fior di Sale Trapani, chili, Schinus molle, benzoin oil.
- Amoral: dark couverture with fine cocoa blended from Ecuador Bolivar and Venezuela 70% cocoa, vetiver, cardamom oil, cinnamon oil, cumin, tonka infusion, Fior di Sale Trapani, ho wood oil.
- Mansa: dark couverture with fine cocoa from Congo 70% cocoa, pink pepper, saffron from Lucerne, rose oil, patchouli oil, musk seed oil.
- Naki: white couverture Opus blanc with 35% cocoa butter, passion fruit, almonds, vanilla, Fior di Sale Trapani, cinnamon oil.
- Kama: dark couverture with fine cocoa from Venezuela 65% cocoa with caramelized white chocolate blond 30%, blackberry, lemon, balsamic, Tasmanian violets, Fior di Sale Trapani, cypress oil, musk seed oil.

Immerse yourself in the unique chocolate tasting experience of pernoire. Each scent finds its echo in a customized chocolate creation by Casa Nobile. These chocolates not only serve to reflect the scent profile of our perfumes but are also designed as standalone sensory highlights. On this flavorful journey of discovery, you can get to know the identity of each perfume through the palate, intensifying the relationship between scent and taste and offering an extraordinary opportunity to experience the nuances of perfume and chocolate art.