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Discovery Set with chocolate
Discovery Set with chocolate
Discovery Set with chocolate
Discovery Set with chocolate
Discovery Set with chocolate
Discovery Set with chocolate

Discovery Set with chocolate


Step into the luxurious world of pernoire, where artisanal perfume and gourmet chocolate unite in a sophisticated multi-sensory experience. Our curated discovery set presents 7 x 2ml samples of exquisite extrait de parfum, each a key to unlock new facets of your persona. In a harmonious partnership, we've teamed up with the esteemed Chocolatier Nobile to craft 7 x unique chocolates, each one a perfect match to a corresponding scent.

To embark on this luxurious journey:

1. Discover the story of each perfume
2. Experience the scent
3. Taste the chocolate that mirrors its perfume
4. Order your favorite scent with a refund code

    This collection invites you to a realm where sophisticated tastes and scents blend seamlessly, offering an unparalleled exploration of pernoire’s dedication to craftsmanship and sensory pleasure.

    - Masar notes: Yuzu, Ozonic Notes, Amber, Labdanum, Honey, Tobacco, Vanilla, Rosewood, Sandalwood, Leather, and Animalic Notes. The chocolate includes milk couverture with fine cocoa from the Dominican Republic 42% cocoa, Madagascar vanilla, yuzu, Fior di Sale Trapani, rose petals, tobacco, ho wood oil, rosewood oil.

    - Vitias notes: Bergamot, Lime, Pink Pepper, Black Pepper, Angelica Root, Iris, Blond Woods, Gaiac, Marine Notes, Ambergris, White Musk. The chocolate is made with dark couverture with fine cocoa from Sambirano Madagascar 68% cocoa, bergamot oil, Fior di Sale Trapani, lime oil, pink pepper, black pepper, pine oil.

    - Tierra notes: Aged Rum, Vanilla, Colombian Spices, Benzoin, Red Berries, Oud. This is paired with dark couverture with fine cocoa from Grenada 65% cocoa, strawberries, raspberries, ginger, Fior di Sale Trapani, chili, Schinus molle, benzoin oil.

    - Amoral notes: Key Lime, Black tea, Cardamom, Cinnamon, Cumin, smoked prunes, Violet, Iris, Oud, Cypriol, Orange blossom, ambery notes, Sandalwood, and Tonka. The corresponding chocolate has dark couverture with fine cocoa blended from Ecuador Bolivar and Venezuela 70% cocoa, vetiver, cardamom oil, cinnamon oil, cumin, tonka infusion, Fior di Sale Trapani, ho wood oil.

    - Mansa notes: Blackberry, pink pepper, orris, oud, rose, amber, cassis, saffron, patchouly, heliotrope, moss, and musk. Its chocolate features dark couverture with fine cocoa from Congo 70% cocoa, pink pepper, saffron from Lucerne, rose oil, patchouli oil, musk seed oil.

    - Naki notes: Aldehyde, peach, almond blossom, passionfruit, fig leaves, sandalwood, white flowers, osmanthus, white musk, vanilla, seabreeze. The chocolate is white couverture Opus blanc with 35% cocoa butter, passion fruit, almonds, vanilla, Fior di Sale Trapani, cinnamon oil.

    - Kama notes: Blackberries, birch tar, violet, orris, cotton candy, leather, cypriol, dry amber, moss, cashmere wool, and musk. This is matched with dark couverture with fine cocoa from Venezuela 65% cocoa with caramelized white chocolate blond 30%, blackberry, lemon, balsamic, Tasmanian violets, Fior di Sale Trapani, cypress oil, musk seed oil.

    Our Discovery Set allows you to delve into different personalities and ignite certain facets of your character. Let the scent unfold on your skin and become the personality you've always wanted to be. This transformative experience is complemented by a unique chocolate tasting with Casa Nobile, where each scent is paired with a gourmet chocolate. This combination enables a new, multisensory experience by connecting taste and smell in a way that makes exploring our fragrances a truly extraordinary pleasure.